Matthew DAWN, Street Art – Graffiti Artist, Belgium.

My name is Matthew Dawn (°1989) and I’m a Graffiti Artist from Belgium. I speak both Dutch and English fluently. (I’m also working on my French and German each day. Feel free to challenge me in your correspondence!)


My graffiti work is known for bright, colourful pieces with a sense of realism that is not often associated with graffiti. Most of my time is spent painting murals or teaching graffiti workshops to a large variety of clients. As my reputation as a graffiti artist builds and spreads, my career moves towards bigger projects. Currently I can proudly say I have worked for companies the likes of NIKE ELC, Citroën, Xior and several major event organisers. I can guarantee there remains little doubt about my capabilities and level of professionalism.

I’ve studied ‘Digital Arts and Entertainment’, ‘Business Management’ and ‘Animation’ in college. Dropped out of the latter two because I wasn’t satisfied and wanted to start on my own. I began my career designing and selling T-shirts under the name ‘DAWN clothing’. When my graffiti art started to gain traction, I flipped the script and taught graffiti workshops. In a short time, I grew towards bigger and more commercial projects.

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