°1989, Muralist/Fine-Artist from Belgium.

Designer of TINYPINK stencil cap

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Matthew Dawn

When dreams come true. Part 1: Going viral

“Holy shit dude, check this I’m already at 20K views! When I left home it was barely 10K which is crazy by itself!” I scream like a little girl and raise both arms excitingly in the air as I demand the attention of a friend sitting next to me. The views I’m talking about are those on …

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“Listen, we need to talk. Promise me you won’t get mad…”
– I close my eyes and let my head hang. I knew this was coming. I just didn’t expect the guillotine to fall as quickly as it did.

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Graffiti Jam Gent Gridbakken

The places in our dreams.

It was a long time ago since I’ve done another graffiti jam with some friends at a remote location. So when the call came, I didn’t hesitate. I packed the car and drove off.

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How I got offered a Tattoo Apprenticeship.

I asked her, ‘How do I become a tattoo artist?’ Being seemingly tired of getting frequently asked that question after having just quit the show, she replied with another question.

‘Do you have any tattoos?’
– ‘I haven’t, yet.’
‘Well, you might want to get one first.’

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Matthew Dawn Books On A Skateboard

Why I read.

New knowledge, actively acquired, helps me point my life into the direction that I want. If luck is the clash that happens at the intersection of preparation and opportunity, then reading is a major way to help me prepare for those opportunities. Even more so, since I’m still young and lack a lot of experience. …

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Matthew Dawn Graffiti Artist The Little Mermaid Ghent Belgium - Street Art Graffiti Belgium

The Creative Muse

A short story about how I deal with creative work and the inspiration that is therefore needed but doesn’t always feel like showing up.

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Matthew Dawn Article News Gazet Van Antwerpen Kunst Op Kot Xior Kipdorpvest studentenkot

My First Experience Leading A Team

In April 2014 I did my first big-time project for the Belgian based real estate developer ‘Xior’. It required 6 street artists, an assistant, a camera man, nine days and more money than I used to make in a year at my previous job. I was responsible for everything.

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