Blind Matthew Dawn Merksem Antwerpen Antwerp Street Art Graffiti

“A crown on my head, I have achieved what I have hunted for. I am a king among pretenders! Look at what I have done! Behold my status, you will fear my apparatus!”

BLIND — A new piece in Merksem, Belgium. Inspired by the pitfalls of new found succes and ego.

The crown represents success. It being made out of paper signifies how trivial such pursuits are. In the center of the subjects head, the letter I, the only thing he thinks about, I, I, I. The subject, blinded by his own obsessions is just like the viewer unable to see the outside world that spells B-L-I-N-D, with the B L N D painted in white on a light blue sky. On location the subject is with his back to all the other pieces as a symbol to how self-obsession gives us a false sense of superiority.