°1989, Muralist/Fine-Artist from Belgium.

Designer of TINYPINK stencil cap

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Presenting a five day team project in front of employees of the worlds leading game, film and VFX companies. Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn 2017. Troia, Portugal. Pic by David Ramalho



“I started painting walls at 21, shortly after graduating from college with a bachelor degree in Digital Arts and Entertainment (3D- and game design in laments terms). What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a part-time job, two years later a full-time one.

I am strongly convinced of the added value that art brings to the public- and commercial space therefore I am actively pushing for projects that take advantage of that, whether they be in tourism, marketing, brand-activation or even interior design. My vision is to help this young, bubbling phenomenon develop into an industry similar to other culture-born industries, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, hip-hop,…
My project www.tinypinkstencilcap.com is one of the first steps I’ve taken in that direction.

That project is also there to satisfy my passion for business development, branding and marketing which I believe are not opposed to the creative spirit but go hand in hand together and even become even stronger when mixed.”

Reach out if you share my vision, we’ll do extraordinary things together! Don’t take my word for it; let my work for Nike, Citroen, Xior, Oostende, Red Bull and many others speak for itself.


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