°1989, Muralist/Fine-Artist from Belgium.

Designer of TINYPINK stencil cap

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Matthew Dawn

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Why I read.

New knowledge, actively acquired, helps me point my life into the direction that I want. If luck is the clash that happens at the intersection of preparation and opportunity, then reading is a major way to help me prepare for those opportunities. Even more so, since I’m still young and lack a lot of experience. …

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My First Experience Leading A Team

In April 2014 I did my first big-time project for the Belgian based real estate developer ‘Xior’. It required 6 street artists, an assistant, a camera man, nine days and more money than I used to make in a year at my previous job. I was responsible for everything.

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“A crown on my head, I have achieved what I have hunted for. I am a king among pretenders! Look at what I have done! Behold my status, you will fear my apparatus!”

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