The Most Northern City On Earth, Tromsø – Norway.

My brother is studying in Tromsø, Norway for the better half of the year. He surprised everyone when he first announced it. He had never been gone from home any longer than 5 days.

So my dad and I went to visit him, it was my dad’s first time flying a plane although he had worked at the airport for several years earlier in his life. It was fun being taking the lead for once.

My experience of Tromsø doesn’t really match what I had expected it to be. I was looking forward to a small town, secluded from the world, dark nights with lots of stars against the world’s ceiling and bright northern light.

In reality, the Norwegian people never switch their lights off! Electricity is (almost?) free and it seems as if they’re scared of the dark. Every street, every house, every room is lit twentyfourseven! Even at 3a.m. everything is bright at day. Making star spotting hard.

It wasn’t a small town either, the settlement spans an entire island and the coats of neighbouring islands. I’d guess it’s almost as large as the centre of Bruxelles. Oh, walking everywhere is a bad idea. The roads are covered in ice. Unless you’ve got pins underneath your shoes, don’t even attempt it. There is hardly any structure in their roads anyway, take the bus.

Nevertheless, I’ve had a great experience! Our last evening in the middle of the woods at a campfire (on ice) is one each of us will never forget.