°1989, Muralist/Fine-Artist from Belgium.

Designer of TINYPINK stencil cap

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Art at the Student Dorm

Graffiti in Antwerpen.

In early 2014, I was approached by Xior, a Belgian project developer that specialises in student housing. They had bought an old hospital in the center of Antwerp and reshaped it to house 207 students. Besides applying the standard dorm upgrades, Xior also invested in improving the living conditions of the residing students by getting the residents some biljart, mini soccer and ping pong tables. Even the old helipad had to make room for a roof terrace. But the white walls of the interior still made it feel like the hospital it once was, instead of a cool place for students to reside as it was supposed to. They wanted to spice it up and give it a youthful appearance. That’s where I came in. You can read my experience of this project HERE, enjoy the pictures!

The following images are not all my work, several artists were involved and created their own. All rights belong to the artist the created the piece. (Artists include A Squid Called Sebastian, Bue The Warrior, Smates, Steve Locatelli, Klaas van Der Linden)

Graffiti in Antwerpen.