°1989, Muralist/Fine-Artist from Belgium.

Designer of TINYPINK stencil cap

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Live Performances

Live Graffiti and other visuals.

I have a love for painting in public. Often, I get hired to help promote products, events or provide some extra entertainment at parties. Check out some of my previous jobs below and if interested, contact me at info@matthewdawn.com.

Citroen C4

For Citroën’s launch of 4 new models in Belgium I did a live painting. I was asked to paint their most important new model, the C4 Cactus. I took me 12 hours to complete while about a thousand guests strolled around the convention.

Thief in the Night Demo

During a party in Ghent I did a live painting graffiti demonstration of 12 hours for a group called ‘Thief in The Night’. ‘Thief in The Night’ is a project started by a group of friends in order to regain some cash they had lost in a recent robbery of their apartments. I was invited to paint a wall in the entrance hall during the event itself, plus I donated an art piece for auction.



Life Drawing at Various Events

I occasionally get asked by event organisers to come over and paint during a corporate event. Whether that be a 20 year celebration, a new product launch or a thank you for the clients. My work consists of live painting the event as it progresses during the evening . I mainly paint the visitors in black and white, allowing me to do one painting per hour.